Saturday, July 12, 2008

Women in Western Art

Some time ago I saw this video, and I was thinking about it today. It's a slide show of portraits from five hundred years of Western art.

Does any one look familiar to you?

When I first saw it, I was startled by the woman who appears at 0:43 because for a split second I saw myself, merging into the next portrait. Thinking that perhaps I had imagined the resemblance, I found the video again today and again I was startled.

Is it just me? Am I such a narcissist that I see myself in random places, even when the resemblance is slim to none?


timidvenus said...

nope, she definitely resembles you, you arent just vain.

Adam said...

Man, I was totally waiting for the edit where your photograph just flashed in for a second with some rock and roll and then went back to the regularly scheduled programing.

But the image at :43 totally does resemble you.