Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girl cooties

So we're going to the drive-in on Friday and I thought I'd stop by Target and buy a couple folding chairs for the comfort of all people involved. Lots of summer time fun involves folding chairs so I consider it an investment.

I get to the camping section, and I find a decent selection of chairs ranging in price from about $5 to about $20. I'm standing there, debating whether I should get the $5 one without the armrests or the slightly more expensive model with armrests.

But wait, that's weird... there are two prices for the same model.

One is $8.99 and the other one is $11.49.

The only difference? The cheaper one was Pepto pink and the more expensive one was navy blue. Does the vagification of the chair cause a depreciation in value? What gives, yo?

Since I am nothing if not cheap, I decided to get the model sans armrests. This model was available in both red and blue however there was no price difference between the colors.


Demirep said...

A sound investment. I thought of you while reading "The Sister" by Poppy Adams, one of her characters uses tricholorethane at one point.

Monticore said...

I don't necessarilly think it's a vag-thang I just think the colour is not as decor friendly as navy blue. You know when you go to the clearance rack and all they have left is the violent orange. But I could be wrong.

Ann Thrope said...

Yeah I considered that but neither chair was on sale and there were about the same number of chairs of each color.

Also, it's not like people have to match their folding camp chairs to their wallpaper or anything. It's the type of thing you just use outside on occasion so I don't see why you wouldn't get the cheaper pink chair even if you normally like blue better.