Monday, March 31, 2008

Phun with Phylogenetics

I made it myself.


timidvenus said...

youre the best!!!

that is awesome!

Monticore said...

I only have an average IQ and thus do not understand your smart people jokes

timidvenus said...

oh, monti. phylogenetics is studying how closely related things are. its super-fun for biologists to study stuff like that. yay evolution!!

Ann Thrope said...

And basically you read phylogenetic trees from the bottom up or side out, depending where all the branches come together. That point is the last ancestor that was shared by all the species on the ends of the branches.

In this case, the most common recent ancestor is the classic O RLY owl.

The Jay said...

bad manners owl cracked my ass up this morning.

And O Rly Owl was on the 300 remix and there again put the crack in my ass.

hm. word verifications are getting bananas. gzwxurzj. S, I M Z J. but why the french accent?

Monticore said...

Ahh you silly bio-nuts. I still don't get the joke it. But if you say it's funny I'll laugh along like the village idiot.

"I wash my self with a rag on a stick."