Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring flowers and dive bars

Tulips fascinate me. They did not exist in my pre-college world, other than as sad little plants wrapped in pastel cellophane and sold in supermarkets around Easter.

There were some maintenance guys working on something just to the left of this tree. When I stopped to take a picture with my phone, the supervisor dude asked me if I'd just taken a picture. When I said yes, he said that he'd been standing there all day and I was the tenth person to take a picture of the tree and he just didn't get it.

The Breeze Kings playing on Thursday night. The bass player was awesome, and his instrument was cherry red, which only made it better. I've never really got why some girls swoon over any random douchetool who can pluck out a couple notes on a guitar (and I went to Berkeley so I consider myself well-versed in the guitar playing douchetool genera) but this bass player embodied sex.

The guitar player had an elaborately shaved side burns/goatee combo but unfortunately camera phone + low light + stealing a picture around dancers = poor quality images.

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