Thursday, August 23, 2007

Group Therapy

Because I am too interesting, Adam has tagged me with a meme.

Here are the rules:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names.

1. I went to see Look Who's Talking, Two in Sao Paulo when I was a kid, but I missed the beginning of the movie.

My brother, who hadn't missed anything, told me that a blue monster had popped out of a toilet at the start of the movie.

I have no memory of the movie and I haven't seen it since, but for a long time I was haunted by the image my brother planted in my brain and bathrooms still kind of creep me out.

2. Because I started reading early and voraciously, there are a lot of words that I only know in print.

For the longest time, I didn't know the "P" in pneumonia was silent.

Recently, Adam had a good laugh at the fact that I pronounced "colonel" phonetically instead of the "kernel."

I also pronounce salmon as "sal-mon", plaid as "play-ed", and mustache as "moose-tache."

Both my parents are not native English speakers with similar verbal eccentricities and this has almost certainly exacerbated my pronunciation problems.

3. I've never broken a bone or needed stitches.

I do however, have a large eye-shaped scar on my thigh from the corner of the screen door that my brother flung open as I was sitting on the steps on the forth of July.

4. Winter holidays depress me and I usually don't do anything for New Year's Eve.

5. I almost never drink orange juice unless it's freshly squeezed.

As a kid, all we had to drink besides water was a giant bottle of orange juice my mom made from nasty, store brand, tubes of frozen OJ concentrate and to this day, anything besides fresh squeezed makes me feel vaguely ill.

6. Until I was embarrassingly old, I slept with the sheet pulled over my head.

This was probably thanks to my brother's joking (that I later realized he stole from Bloom county) about clumsy cockroaches on the ceiling and me sleeping with my mouth open.

7. However I am not embarrassed that I still sleep with a stuffed koala named Sam; my brother bought me this koala at a neighbor's garage sale when I was 3 years old.

Certain people are greatly amused by the fact that I won't get into bed without first showering and I won't even let people sit on my bedsheets but I spend almost every night with a ratty old stuffed animal of questionable origins tucked under my arm.

I continue to maintain that Sam is made of ultra-sophisticated microbicide-infused materials.

8. When I was a little kid, I had a pink bathing suit with silver polka dots and a little skirt.

Whenever I think about bubble gum pink with silver polka dots, I am overwhelmed with a sense of contentedness and well-being.

This leads me to believe that the happiest day of my life was spent in that bathing suit, but I can't remember why.

Bonus 9th fact! Secretly, I really wish I had a job that required me to wear scrubs because I think they make you look cool.

I tag everyone who reads this meme. Ha, gotcha!


timidvenus said...

morticians get to wear scrubs.

Ann Thrope said...

Secretly, I've always wanted to be a mortician.

Well, not really but it definitely is a job I would consider if I hadn't decided to go to graduate school.

edluv said...

no tagbacks.

Monticore said...

I had that swim suite only in Yellow. Also I could totally relate to the reading thing.