Monday, July 09, 2007

Random Thought

If I had unlimited wishes, I would wish that parents-to-be who did all sorts of girly shit once they found out the sex of their baby-to-be (e.g., paint the room pink, buy pink onesies, etc.) had doctors who went to the "sexing fetuses" lecture hungover as fuck. And that the baby-to-be just had a really small, easy to miss, penis.

I'd also wish for a pony.


m.wise said...

if you wish for a girl pony now, you can start buying pink saddles and blankets and paint its stall pink so you'll be ready for it when your wish finally comes true.

edluv said...

did someone you know just do this? not the wishes, but go all pink on a baby's room.

Ann Thrope said...

Yeah Ed, this post is about you.

No actually it really was a totally random thought, I have no idea where it came from.

My best guess is that I was telling Adam the other day about the names my parents decided not to go with and it occurred to me that I didn't know what name my parents had picked out if I had been a boy.

Maybe this triggered the random thought?