Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I was making the ScienceBlog rounds and I saw this post (over at Retrospectacle) introducing LOLParrots.

Parrot humor? Count me in!

So here's my LOLParrot, Taco the African gray:

Actually, Adam took the picture and came up with the caption but I lolized the text and added it to the image, damn it!


Adam said...

And he did bite me dammit. Lured me in with his little hoppy pick-me-up dance and snap! Sneaky little punk.

Ann Thrope said...

I told you Taco doesn't like men. I mean, he is my parrot..

todd said...

i have a whole folder of lolcats/kittens/parrots. i shall share if need be.

Adam said...

He likes me, we were just wrassling like boys do. It stopped though when he asked me to take him into the shower and show him my penis, only larger than his.