Friday, July 27, 2007

Lust in my heart

I want.

A computer that has everything I'm looking for.

Light, sleek, Windows*.

Oh yeah, and a working disc drive. And a battery that holds a charge. And a screen that stays up on its own would be nice too. And maybe ditch the Pentium III and plug-in wireless card. A bigger harddrive wouldn't hurt, and the ability to burn CDs. Really anything that isn't seven years old.

Well, hello there student discount.

*and before anyone starts fellating Steve Jobs in my comment section let me just say.. I know what I like and Apple it ain't.


Adam said...

I'd certainly like to chat with Mr. Jobs, but he can keep his cock in his pants. Now, if he has a new iPod in his pants, he's more than welcome to whip that out.

That grey and orange Vaio looks promising. Hmm....

edluv said...

you should get an apple. and an iphone. and a ipod. and a iexam.

(read the next 2 lines with creepy homer voice)

join the cult.

join it!

m.wise said...



todd said...

macs suck balls. i build PCs for myself and friends, and i can confidently say i'll never have a mac attack. ever.

edluv said...

hey, i saw this article and thought of you.