Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So I ran a couple errands after work. My last errand took me through the 15 Items or Less check out at Safeway, where a kindly looking middle-aged woman rang up my purchases.

Four pack of store brand toilet paper (beep)
Oven cleaner (beep)
Half gallon of milk (beep)
Liter of store brand seltzer water (beep)

"Looks like you're in for a fun evening" she said, as she passed the items over the scanner.

Not exactly cheap liquor and a pack of condoms but you know, I try.


todd said...

who is to say that the items you bought didn't have some sort of sexual value? they might, if you happen to be the creative type.

p.s. seltzer water can be left out of that. "ouch it burns."

edluv said...

your people and the seltzer water...oy!

Ann Thrope said...

I think I'd let seltzer water near my delicate bits way before oven cleaner.

But hey, whatever tickles your pickle.