Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Damn I suck...

But I have an excuse!

Seriously, moving cuts into blogging time like hardcore.

So far I've gotten rid of:

my queen sized bed

both my bookshelves

my desk chair

a plant

I've also put the axolotls back in the care of their other mommy.

I've canceled cable effective August 1st.

I've resigned at work, effective July 31st.

I've given 30 days notice to my landlord.

I've mailed three boxes of stuff to my parent's house.

And I've said some good-byes.

I still have to finish packing, attend two parties, get two vaccines, load up my car, turn in my keys, clean my apartment, and drive to Atlanta.

Holy shit, I need some f'n Xanax.

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