Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Gesture of Goodwill

There was a girl and a boy sitting on a bed. A thin navy blue comforter on cheap dorm furniture, a tall blond and a tall brunette, a virgin and not-a-virgin. They are talking and I am half listening while I sit on my desk, maybe doodling on a notebook or typing an e-mail.

“What’s it like?” she wants to know.
“Hold out your hand like this,” says the boy, making a loose fist with his hand.

The blond obliges and he says “the first time it’s like this.”
The boy braces her hand with the fingertips of one of his hands while he pushes through her fist with the fingers of his other hand, widening the channel between her thumb and fingers.

“And then all the other times afterwards it’s like this,” and he pushes his fingers through again, in an out, in the widened opening of her fist.

We spend so much time anticipating the popping of the proverbial cherry but really it’s just like, you know, this:

I took his semen from his cupped hands and let the slime of that which carries one half of the genesis of life coat my fingers.

As the two boys watched with interest and the vixen with abject horror, with my clean hand I tugged my elastic waistband down just far enough to slip out my dick, already tumescent. I rubbed a thin sheen of semen onto my dick, giving it that strange slippery tactile sensation that is unique to semen. I held out my hand to The Toy and he came to me. Place my hands at his waist I turned him so that his back faced me and ordered him


He did as I told him to and I tugged off his checkered shorts. Placing my hands on his hips I guided him towards my lap.

Gently and oh so very slowly, I impaled him. With a guiding hand on his butt cheek and another on my dick I eased him on to me.

He emitted that sweetest thing, the whimper of a newly violated virgin.

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have anal sex without a condom. You could get herpes.

Ann Thrope said...

I hear posting anonymously can give you pubic lice.