Friday, September 03, 2004

Run Rabbit Run

First and foremost, check out this comment on my roommate's blog.

Are we going at each other Graham?
I think...
Perhaps, but it's really all in good fun.
In a long and venerable tradition.

And I really do think it provides more entertainment value then what actually happens in my life. You all don't really want to hear what classes I went to, what CD I'm listening to or what happened at work today do you?

But lets say some of you do. I've been trying to write a blog that I would like to read (if it was a blog someone else had written obviously). This is mostly on the ground that if I would want to read it, it must be at least marginally interesting and may appeal to others. Christian Troy did say "It's all about the ladies" and if by ladies, he means readers.. well.. I aim to please.

So, I can try to interspace my entries and include some milder ones. I had thought about it anyway since it really is the easiest thing to do, considering the mundanity of life.

My 8 a.m. discussion yesterday required each student to stand up in front of the class and announce their name, year, major and three things about themselves, one of them being false with the following person having to guess which one of the three things was false.

So since I do tend to overthink most things, I decided the best strategy to fool the following person would be to lie small. Something with the ring of truth. And tell the two of the most unlikely things about myself that I could think of. So I said I was originally from Miami, I spoke French and I had a pet beagle. And without hesitation, the person doing the guessing said "you don't have a beagle."

Now this was early on in the class period, since I was sitting in the second row. By the time we got to the back row about 20 other people had invented a pet of some kind. But there were people who were from Europe, had spent the summer in Egypt and had a three year old daughter. All true.

Which makes me think, if you want people to believe you.. lie big.

I should have said that I had a prosthetic leg.

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Lukin said...

A good lie always contains a core of truth.