Saturday, September 04, 2004


I woke up this sunny, warm Saturday morning feeling a little restless and spoiling for a fight.

So I went to the university gym with my roommate. After swimming laps and burning off some of my excess bitch-ness, I might just be one Olympic sized swimming pool away from say, liking the ho-ring wearing raggae poser former neighbor who I ran into last night.

Following this, it's been a very revealing afternoon.
Allow me to explain.

I made a bag of microwave popcorn which I shared with my roommate. After the first few handfuls for some reason I decided that the quiet munching had to stop. So I asked my roommate "if you crashed in the Andes with a plane full of people, would you eat them?"

Many "what ifs" later I fully understand the true depth of our depravity.
And I also know exactly who and under what circumstance my roommate would eat.

A few of the more interesting preferences:

My roommate would drink Mike's cum before she ate a family member. But if it wasn't anyone she was very attached to, she'd rather eat the dead person. But the cum has to be drank by Mike as well, and it has to be in a cup.

If Mike and Graham were both dead, I would eat Graham before I ate Mike. If I was to eat Graham, my choice of cut is his flank.

My roommate would eat me if I was dead, but only because she knew I'd understand.

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