Monday, August 30, 2004

Miss Temptation

39 more minutes of freedom.
After which I predict much more sporadic and less frequent blog entries.

If I might briefly provide the cliff notes for the post titled "I smelled you on my shirt today"
Apparently some people are in need of clarification.

The title is a song lyric. By Eve 6 if you are wondering. I did not, in fact, smell any one on my shirt today.

I was told in a comment on my original post (All the cool kids are doing it) that I should air out my reasons for any feelings of animosity.
So, to the best of my ability,I did. It is not meant to be taken at face value as the sappy tripe that it might first appear to be. Merely, I bear no ill will to the parties involved and I am not of the vindictive type anyway.

If I might pause here and let you all contemplate the words of the great Kurt Vonnegut : "he had meant to underplay his indignation, to make it a small detail in the background of Susanna's pageant - a detail noticed by only one or two connoisseurs of the human comedy"

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