Sunday, August 29, 2004

Try Honesty

Apparently, I'm told my recent blog entries have been prurient and damn personal (although I'm not sure if this was with regards to myself or the people featured in my blog)

This accusation from the boy who describes girls as nubile. And posts photographic studies of the female anatomy on his blog.

In addition, it seems to be a little bit of an unfair accusation. True, I happily recount conversations and actions of a sexual nature. However when it comes to love and relationships of the long-term commitment kind (i.e., digressions of what I would consider to be the personal kind) I promise I shall not breath a word.

Further more I guarantee you, my venerable readers, that I keep the cyanide pills on hand if I ever begin writing and/or posting in the vein of a heart-sick, puppy-love struck 14 year old.

If ever an Avril Lavign song lyric or any other pop-punk-princess-angst graces this page, I'm going the way of Romeo and Juliet.

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