Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Open Letter

Dear US politicians,

I don't care if you cheat on your wife, no really. I mean, it kind of sucks for your wife but I am not she. I am of the philosophy that, as long as the work gets done (and done well) your off hours are none of my business.

What I do care if that you persist in this charade of getting up on stage and talking about how very, very, truly sorry you are that you put your penis in somebody other than your wife. Sorry for getting caught, maybe. With the apologizing and the stepping down from positions and whatnot you are making me aware of your penis, and I do not want to be aware of your penis.

So next time you get caught sneaking off to Argentina with your mistress or whatever how about you keep it between your family and you, and leave me out of it.




edluv said...

shoot, at least make sure someone's covering your job while you're out of the office banging some strange.

m.wise said...

on a different topic, look at the site 'married to the sea' on 6-26-09