Monday, July 14, 2008

Grasp of the English language, I no haz

According to my sitemeter page, one of the most common ways that people find my blog is searching about how to address a PhD or some derivative of that. This lands them on this post, and over a year later I still get the occasional comment.

Like this one:
"Well, when I get stabbed in the stomach in the middle of the street or have a horrible accident happen to me, I'm gonna be screaming doctor.

If a person with a PhD comes to my aid... I will merely shun it and simply die. I think it's ridiculous to connote such power to a person just by putting "Doctor" in front of it."
I'm not sure which is worse. The fact that the person completely missed the point of the post even though Ed and I discussed it in some detail via comments? The fact that he or she came up with the unlikely hypothetical of a PhD coming to the aid of someone who has just been stabbed in the stomach? Or the fact that the person appears to be completely incapable of formulating a coherent thought in text form?

I thought disabling anonymous commenting would eliminate verbal spewage in my comment section but apparently people on the internet are capable of holding in their diarrhea of stupid long enough to create a blogger account.

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Adam said...

Wow, that's just all kinds of stupid. And people who say these things vote too.