Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm having an awesome day!

I'm being so lazy it's almost criminal.

Unfortunately I woke up just after seven but I lazed around in bed until eleven, when I finally got dressed. Then I went to the mall and bought these awesome pants, on sale.

Then I stopped by Target, which was kind of aggravating because there were so many people there. But I got a good pair of work out shorts, since my friend and I have started going to the gym and my one pair of sweat pants are kind of gross after a week of sweating in them. And I'm going to wash them and all but they were already kind of gross after half a week of sweating in them.

Since I was feeling a bit peckish after all that consumerism, I stopped for a lunch and had a delicious tofu burrito bowl.

Now I'm laying in bed and I might take a nap if I feel like it.

Tomorrow I'll start being useful again since my apartment needs to be cleaned and I need to start packing boxes for a move later this month. But for now, onward with the laziness!

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