Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Brain Dump


Four people have accepted offer formally for next fall, including the cute guy. One more person (who I really liked) has verbally accepted but has not yet signed on the dotted line.


What's up with teachers who assign homework with really hard questions, due on the same day as a big test, who then remark after collecting the homework that they will only be grading based on whether or not you turned something in?

How about you just make the questions less hard and actually reward us for spending time on it?

Also, it's certainly your prerogative not to teach from a textbook but then don't f'n expect us to know shit for homework that you haven't covered in class.


GAP sends me e-mails because I buy their pants. Apparently they haven't gotten the memo that it's still balls cold outside so their whole catalogue is now springified. Apparently the new big thing is "sunkissed khakis" which are basically just brightly colored cotton trousers.

And I have to ask:

Insane, brilliant, or insanely brilliant?
Either way, I kind of want them.


Tonight, I go see Persepolis.


timidvenus said...

i HAVE to own those!

size 6 long, please.

Ann Thrope said...

They're strangely compelling aren't they?

The Lulu said...

I like them, I like them a lot. Color is always good.

And if you were still in California, you would be able to wear those today because it is going to be sunny and 73 degrees:)

Monticore said...

Man I must be the dullard of the group because I'm really not a fan of colored denim or khaki. It reminds me of FUBU or Z-Cavaricces or Europeans. Just seems wrong, but I can be compelled.

Ann Thrope said...

I think colored denim is really, really fugly.

Honestly, I didn't really think I'd dig the colored khakis either but as the only colorful piece of clothing I think it could work.

timidvenus said...

monti, my plan is to make you love them, on me, of course. im totally gonna rock those colored khakis (i hate that word, it is soooo un-spellable).

Adam said...


Monticore said...

Okay Sara I dare you to make me love them on you. Double Dog Dare