Saturday, February 16, 2008


The first in a series for people who share my culinary skills or just want to eat like a poor, lazy graduate student.

One packet of Ramen noodles and flavoring of choice.
Tap water.
One head of broccoli.
One egg.
Sriracha sauce.

Make noodles as directs. Steam broccoli in microwave on high for one minutes. Add broccoli and egg (sans shell) to boiling noodles. Add sriracha sauce at any and all points in the cooking process.

Enjoy in front of computer with some more tap water.

Use the money you saved to buy booze.


edluv said...

interesting. how does the egg cook? i mean, i understand that the egg cooks in the boiling water, i mean what does it look like/texture/etc?

Ann Thrope said...

If you've ever had egg drop soup at a Chinese restaurant it's pretty much the same idea.

timidvenus said...

sounds yummy. will be eating it for dinner.

edluv said...

that's what i was thinking, but just wasn't sure.