Sunday, December 30, 2007

In which Barnes & Nobles doesn't quite grasp the concept of "Women's Studies"

At a nearby Barnes & Nobles today I wandered into the Women's Studies section while doing some leisurely browsing.

"Good god," I thought to myself "this is abysmal."

The Female Brain? The War Against Boys? What the hell is this shit?

Whev, I say. It's poorly research dreck but I suppose the argument could be made for their presence in the Women's Studies section.

Until a few books down from The Second Sex, I spot this book:

Oh come on, seriously?! I realize there isn't an "Insecure Manchild Self Help" section at Barnes & Nobles but that's just ridiculous.

I took out my anger by ripping down Ron Paul posters as I walked home. Motherfuckers.

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Monticore said...

Maybe this is the section for lonely men who wish to "study" women. In that case where is the Maxim Mag section.