Sunday, August 12, 2007


So I went to Publix today to pick up a couple groceries.

When I got to the produce section I noticed there was some Florida avocados on sale. Score, right? Except for one little problem.

They're not just avocados. No, they're Lite! Avocados.

WTF? It's produce! Yeah, I know avocados are fatty and cholesterol ridden but good god people, is nothing sacred? If even produce isn't safe from being litened, what is?

Anyway, I bought a couple regardless because avocados ain't cheap and these were a good price. They're pretty bland unfortunately, but ripe as fuck and acceptable in sandwich form.


Adam said...

I prefer the all natural sugar-free honey.

Fishy said...

how do you grow a lite avacado. is it in the soil, or maybe the fertilizers that you use. very interesting. i wonder if i could do that with my grapes and make a killing. oh, i have to know, these had to have been organic avacados. there is no way any non-organic, regular, self respecting farmer would produce something like that.

Ann Thrope said...

Actually they're not organic but if you read the fine print it says "than California avocados."

Way to grow those Fatty McFatty Fatterson avocados California farmers, geez.

timidvenus said...

i didnt know they had cholesterol.

Ann Thrope said...

Actually I don't think they really do but you know, poetic license =)