Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Like a virgin

So I made it to Atlanta in four days.

Day one was Oakland to Winslow Arizona.
Day two was Winslow to Oklahoma City.
Day three was Oklahoma City to Birmingham Alabama.
Day four was Birmingham to Atlanta.

I'm glad I did it, to say I did it, but I never want to do it again. To quote my friend, "there are people who you can pay to do that."

My apartment in Atlanta is pretty fabulous. I have my own bedroom with a full sized bed and my own bathroom. I'm next to the gym and a pool and my bedroom window overlooks a wooded area. Atlanta? Well it's not as bad as I expected. There are trees, and there's a pretty decent variety of eateries and coffee shops. I think I can live here.

For reasons that aren't worth explaining, I had some trouble connecting my computer to the internet here. I considered busting out the screwdriver but instead I decided it was as good a reason as any to finally cave in and buy a new computer.

It was tough to drop the cash when I'm in between incomes but in the end, I think it was the right choice. Even though my old computer still turns on, that's about all it does and the last thing I need is an implosion midway through the semester.

So I got a little bit lost along the way but I finally made it to the Sony Style store this afternoon. I'm a little sad that I couldn't really afford anything from the ultra portable line but in the long run, I'm pretty happy with what I purchased.

Even though it's not the lightest or the smallest, it's still pretty damn small and light and apparently, I'm quite lucky to get my hands on one according to the salesman. The store previously stocked the same model in red, which sold out, and they just received a shipment yesterday in dark blue.

And now because I'm really just vomiting words onto blogger because I'm so worn out I could puke, here are some photos of my new computer, dubbed "Deep Blue."

Love at first sight. So clean and new.

You can't really see the color of the case but it's quite a pleasing shade of dark blue in person.

Here she is, after an afternoon of me fixing things up just right. I'm still getting used to Windows Vista and deleting the assload of crap it comes packaged with, but on the whole I have to say I'm not entirely upset that I had to switch from XP.

Here's the old computer, my first computer ever. It's kind of silly to get attached to a hunk of electronics but I have to say it's sad to see it so decrepit, it's gone through a lot with me. I can't help thinking back on the day it arrived at my house, six years ago, and how excited I was and how clean and new it was. Just like the Vaio.

So it goes, I guess.


Adam said...

The new one is very pretty. Shiiiny.

edluv said...

looks nice.

at the end of day one did you stand on a corner?

Ann Thrope said...

Actually I completely forgot that reference until I was pulling out of the motel parking lot and I coincidentally put an Eagles CD in the CD player.

The first track to play was Take It Easy and I was like, woah! That's where I am.

todd said...

i apologize that you had to stay in OKC. i've lived here my whole life. there's very little to do.

Ann Thrope said...

Well I can't really comment on how little there was to do in Oklahoma City since all I really saw of it was a gas station, an IHOP, and a Motel 6. And that it was a much larger city than I imagined.

However, I can tell you the hilarious story of how my mom and I were sitting in an IHOP when the waitress, taking the order of some people seated behind my mom, asked my mom* "you're European too right?"

Apparently the woman seated behind my mom was British and the waitress was absolutely delighted that she could introduce the two Europeans in the place to each other.

*my mom is Belgian and even though she's been in the country for thirty years she still has a noticeable French accent.

Adam said...

Europe is so small, they all know each other anyway, right?