Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Free shit

So today was my first orientation session, a general orientation for the whole graduate school.

The University in it's infinite wisdom decided to gather a bunch of people who aren't going to get paid for another month in a room, then lay out a bunch of free food and stuff out, and let everybody loose.

A couple hours later, we all emerge tottering down the stairs with full bellies and full bags. In my belly I have a sandwich, pasta salad, fruit salad, a cookie, and two cokes. In my bag well, have a look:

My three personal favorites are the t-shirt, the portable mug, and the free copy of EndNote. And in case you couldn't guess which school I go to, here's a close up of my brand new I.D. card:

Still to come: more free food, and beer!


Monticore said...

Cool and it only cost you 36,000 in tuition.

Did they give you a free credit card too?

Ann Thrope said...

Oh yeah I guess I should add "tuition waver" to the list of free things the University has given me.

edluv said...

was it free beer?

Adam said...

Yeah, they're paying her to go to school. Damn you scientists!

Ann Thrope said...

Heck yes it was free beer, the best kind kind of beer.

Anonymous said...

why does your i.d. card have my name on it?

e d

todd said...

heads up: when people click the "free shit" picture to enlarge it, your name is fully visible on your I.D. card.

thought you might want to know.

Ann Thrope said...

Yes, I am you Ed.

And yeah I know about the name thing Todd, I just decided I didn't care enough to bother fixing it.

todd said...

sniping your identity then!