Monday, April 16, 2007

My new hero

I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Okay, maybe not just like her but she is pretty awesome.

And this post has an interesting comment:
This is a real, actual quote a PhD student student working in my lab recieved from a TNU student in the class she was TA-ing: "..Can you please consider my request for a regrade? I really need to do well in this class for med school. Everybody knows that B's only get PhDs." Ouch.
To which Dr. Hussy responds:
I think I might actually slap a student who said this to me. It would be worth it.

So yeah, in case you were wondering where I got the idea that people don't respect Ph.D. as "real" doctors...


Adam said...

At least you know you don't have to do as well on your homework. =P

Ann Thrope said...

Yeah seriously, what was I thinking trying to get As when I was planning on graduate school?

It's just plain cruel to set the curve when you aren't even planning on going to medical school.

Who knows how many pre-meds had their dreams crushed? They might have even had to settle for graduate school.

Adam said...

You must have been such a bane. Next time I do shots, I'll pour one out for all the pre-meds' hopes you dashed against the rocks.