Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy birthday to me

Oh my god, everybody was right.
I have changed my mind now that I'm older.

All of a sudden I feel this overwhelming

Babies, babies, I must have babies!


Twenty-two and still hatin' on the children.


timidvenus said...

you must not have recieved the memo: the baby urge comes at twenty-three. make this year count.

happy birthday!!

Adam said...

Damn, Sara beat me to the same quip.

thelulu said...

Haaaapppy Birthdaaaay! Cheers to you and your double duce of a birthday.

thelulu said...

Oh and I am 26 and I have yet to have a baby urge. I just want dogs.

Ann Thrope said...

Twenty-three you say? Curses! Foiled again by my ovaries.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone =)

Monticore said...

Happy Birthday. Just for the record I'm 31 and still no urge for kids. Maybe I'll get the urge when I'm in my 60's and then lie about my age so I can get invetro.

edluv said...

you know you're already of mother of 2.