Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time to Man Up

The chair of the department at Emory just called me.

To tell me (and I'm quoting almost verbatim): what can we do to make you choose Emory?

How do you turn down an offer like that?


Adam said...



And then you wait. He'll come back with something like, "Ok, I'm serious, anything, we'll do anything."

That's when you hit him with your list of demands.

"I want fresh gummi bears on my lab bench every morning. You're going to delegate all my menial responsibilities to lesser members of the program. And, I want a lifetime free pass to any museum in the country."

edluv said...

well, i'm sure they can get you a lifetime supply of coke.

maybe you should demand a new car and a signing bonus. maybe an escalade with a gas card. you'd be so baller.

Ann Thrope said...

Actually I hear that if you move to Atlanta you automatically get a life time supply of coke, delivered by Ted Turner.

Monticore said...

You must refer to it as "Hatlanta"