Friday, March 30, 2007

Hopefully, the stupid is not contagious

Today I was looking at the paperwork for a bat and it said:

"R.P. found bat flying house, ejected it, found it DOA next morning"

First, holy shit! Flying houses? And why would a bat be piloting the flying house?

And second, Dead On Arrival? Where was it coming from? Was there a mini bat ambulance with mini bat paramedics dramatically yelling "don't die on me now damn it"?


edluv said...

see, and i'd read that they found a bat flying house. what the hell is a bat flying house? is that where you take bat's to fly? like a dog park, where you take dogs to park?

and how was it ejected? button on the dashboard? or did they grab and throw? did they tell the bat, "hey, you're 86'd?"

Ann Thrope said...

I was actually going to make a comment about the use of the word "ejected" but then decided not to.

The use of "ejected" strikes me as something someone might write if they were the type of person to consult a thesaurus for smart sounding words, instead of actually learning word usage through reading and speaking the language.

But then I thought it also sounded like something a non-native english speaker might say so I felt a bit bad about making fun of it on my blog.

Regardless, it is a pretty hilarious use of the word. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so.

Adam said...

I just keep getting the image of a little itty bitty bat with a flight suit and helmet on flying a house and hitting the eject button. But then he slams into the canopy like Goose did in Top Gun and then Tom Cruise cries over the little bat's body as they float in the sea.

Oh, and don't forget the teeny tiny dog tags.

edluv said...

i was trying to figure out how to type the music at the end when the tom cruise bat (played by tom cruise because he is: a very small person; and he's batty) throws the dog tags off the ship. i think it goes like this:
dur nur nur nurnur nur nur nur nur nur nurn...