Friday, January 19, 2007

Open Letter Deux

Dear Jackhole in the Blue Pickup Truck,

There seems to be some confusion. It is not "the clear left lane in which to speed ahead of traffic and then cut back onto 580 E at the very last second" but in fact, the carpool lane to San Francisco. Clearly an easy mistake to make as you are the second person to do so in front of me this week alone. Still, it's wrong. And you're a prick.

Fuck you very much,



Adam said...

The signage is pretty clear there.

Ann Thrope said...

Well, maybe it looks a lot more like "use this lane to get ahead and then cut people off" than "carpool" from a certain angle.

Adam said...


Or perhaps the big sign that says 80 West to San Francisco had a glare on it.

Monticore said...

Perhaps his pick-up was a clean emissions vehical.