Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brief Thoughts While Boiling Pasta

I really hate fax machines.

This occurred to me as I was attempting to fax a copy of my insurance card today.

It worried me, I was concerned I might secretly harbor Luddite tendencies.

But upon further consideration, I realize that the reason I hate fax machines is because they are hopelessly outdated. It pisses me off that businesses still expect me to send them information with a fax machine.

It's 2007. I can pop open a browser window, day or night, and have instant access to humanity's collective knowledge, and porn.

The very idea that I would make use of such a hulking and antique piece of technology, I might as well fire up a 24 kb modem and log onto A.O.L.

I'll show them though, I'm sending the copy through the postal service.

How do you like dem apples, old school biatch?


Adam said...

I think you should have dispatched your letter by horse.

The Jay said...

I think you shold go to Kinko's and fax off the SFF.

edluv said...

you should call them on the phone and just go, "yeeeerrrrrrrraaadoooooooooooorrrrrrrrgggggh"