Friday, December 29, 2006


A little peri-new year navel gazing.

As 2006 draws to a close, some recent data from my Site Meter has led me back into my archives. I am happy with what I see, I think I was a good writer and, although what I write has changed, I hope I still am a good writer.

It is interesting; this year has not been a good year in many ways and I cannot say that I am sad to see the tail end of it. However, I am happy with who I am - or perhaps more accurately, who I have become - as I face forward towards 2007.

Most striking to me is how much less bitter I have become in the two years I have been keeping this blog. I still struggle, I am still unhappy at times, but I do not think I am as bitter as I once was. Well, I think I still keep my bitterness but it is in much more concentrated form; dwelling upon certain things can arouse it but even then I try to channel it in a constructive direction.

Anyway, I haven’t written as much as I’d hoped in the past five days. Miami is sticky, I am somnolent. I spent a lot of time trying to feel connected to the world at large, and wondering at how alien the city of my childhood seems to me.

I take walks, yesterday in the crepuscular light I happened upon a bird of prey and a very large, dead pigeon. The raptor picked up the pigeon and flew off at my approach. The slim bird was weighed down, carrying its hefty meal in claw, I felt half amused and half guilty to see the creature compromise between safety and hunger; I meant it no harm.

So it goes.

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