Monday, November 27, 2006

Working for the Man

Remember this little guy?

Boy, I sure do! I loved Ranger Rick. I used to have a subscription back in the day, I read that shit cover to cover. I learned lots of valuable lessons like "don't touch wild animals" and "don't disturb wild animals" and "don't go near wild animals especially if they look sick."

Today I opened up a raccoon head because some dumbfuck got bitten on the finger. So yeah, way to not listen to Ranger Rick and now I'm breaking into his skull with a fucking chisel.


Adam said...

Maybe your dumbfuck dude read this while growing up, instead of the Ranger Rick publications.

Monticore said...

I like Ranger Rick but I always felt they didn't have enough substance to their mag. I was more of a highlights girl. By the way what does the inside of a Raccoon look like (do they have 8 stomaches)?

Ann Thrope said...

I also liked Highlights but the nature stuff interested me more. Although I did learn a lot of good lessons from Goofus and Gallant.

I don't know what the inside of a racoon looks like besides the head. Except for bats I don't actually get any whole animals for testing, just heads.

edluv said...

so, to summarize, the message of ranger rick was to leave wild animals alone. always.

did they have anything else, or where they just a one trick pony...errr...racoon?

Ann Thrope said...

Ed - No they had other messages like "don't litter" and whatever. There was one story about Ranger Rick and the gang that I remember where there was some big corporation dumping chemicals illigally or something.