Friday, November 10, 2006

Missing You

I won't lie and say life was perfect. It probably seemed even less so then, because of the way we take things for granted.

I've learned a lot, living an ascetic life, in my solo apartment, with my lonely and quiet nights. I've watched friends blink out, disappear from my view. Sometimes it was for the better, sometimes it was just the way it happened. It's scary how little you have in common with most people.

I've learned that living alone is a hell of a lot better than living in a fraternity house. Or with somebody who you can't stand to be in the same room with. I love my apartment, the wooden floors, the high ceilings, the great bathtub with awesome water pressure.

I've also learned there's something uniquely soul crushing about spending your weeknights without even the silent comfort of another person in your living space.

Come back, live with me again. Even if it was in a shit town, I wouldn't care. Even better if it's a shit town, we could rent a whole house. I'm tired of making my own lonely big plans, I want to make friendly little plans with someone else. Should we meet for dinner this evening? What should we watch on TV together? Do you want to go get snacks? There's a 7-eleven walking distance from my place, and the clerk won't even hit on us.

Please come back, I'm lonely.


Monticore said...

Well, I will come visit you again but I can't promise I'll move in. But I think this message was for someone else. If only you were independantly wealthy you could be Adam's sugar momma.

On second thought, how much do you make? I don't eat much.

Ann Thrope said...

Ha! Well I think I make more than Adam but I pay bay area prices so I might as well make less than him.

And yes, my best friend who moved to Illinois was talking about how he missed living with his old roommate so I started talking about how much I miss living with my old roommate and he ended up feeling better and I ended up feeling all mopey and sending my old roommate an e-mail that said: "Come home. Live with me again. I'm lonely." and she wrote back this morning and she's coming home to live with me in March. So, YAY!!!!!!!

edluv said...

what will the guys in the bmw say now? (doesn't it seem like they should be in a camaro or something?)