Monday, October 23, 2006

You know what really pisses me off?

Cities that act like counties.

You're not special, you don't get to be all like "treat us like a county biatches."

Long Beach, I'm looking at you.

Also, stop sending me bats soaked in glycerol. It's gross.


Adam said...

Is it gross because they're all wet or is glycerol gross in and of itself?

timidvenus said...

so, as soon as i read your first sentance i thought "long biatch". i dont know why you dont like them, but they have their own department of public health (that we use when we have to file a death certificate for someone who dies there) seperate from la county, and let me just say, what a pain in the ass.

Ann Thrope said...


It's gross because it coats the bats in goopy syrupe that makes it very difficult to identify the species.

And also it serves no purpose.


Ha! It cracks me up that you know what I'm talking about.

Yeah they have their own department of public health which we have to deal with directly. It's annoying because my research project is looking at rabies in bats from different counties and Long Beach fucks up my record keeping.

edluv said...

see, my first thought was to the bay area, cities like s.f., berkeley (which i'm pretty sure i misspell 90% of the time) and oakland. and that's not just because you're there.

really, these cities, that i mention, are generally cutting edge, and i like where they're going, but frequently they're passing laws that stand out from the norm of the state.

and, since i don't know what you're refering to regarding the lbc, care to elaborate, or provide a link?

Ann Thrope said...

Hey I have no problem with cities passing city rules about what can go on in the city. If they tried to apply it county-wide that's a different story.

Long Beach County has its own public health department. Usually each county has its own health department which are all kind of underneath the state health department (where I work.)

That means if something public health related happens in Long Beach, even though it's in L.A. county, you have to deal with the city of Long Beach. It's not really a huge annoyance, just something I object to because I organize my research by county and I don't like having weird-ass Long Beach ruining my system.

Mark H. Foxwell said...

But, um, San Francisco _is_ a county!

But yeah, if any city in LA County wanted to jump itself up to county level, you'd think Los Angeles itself would get to be first in line, would you not?

I suppose San Diego could make a case for merging city with county.

But Long Beach? That's just weird!

They could try seceding the way Orange County did.

But actually the history of the suburban fragmentation of the Southland is the history of bigots and realtors getting together to gerrymander the political boundaries so they could batten off the services of a big metropolis without having any obligation to the commonweal of the whole city.

Most of those dozens of cities in LA County owe their existence to plots to enable "whites-only" covenants and the like, back in the 1920s.