Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Question of the Day

So, how does one make friends in a non-lame way when one is no longer in school?

I'm lonely...

So... very... lonely.


Anonymous said...

have you thought about craig's list to meet friends?

Anonymous said...

or, you could work at this zoo, and hang out with people in that town.

Ann Thrope said...

Yeah I actually responded to a craigslist ad about starting a community orchestra because I thought it would be nice to start playing flute again but I never got an e-mail back. I've also looked at the science discussion section they have and was disappointed. And the people posting in the "strictly platonic" section of CL kind of gives me the creeps.

I've even tried to volunteer for Planned Parenthood and a couple other organizations and I haven't had any luck.

Also been thinking about taking martial arts classes or something. It would be really fun to have something to do after work one or two nights a week.

And of course, I will continue to visit Fresno =)

Anonymous said...

ah, you took to serious answers to my questions. the craig's list one is about all the fakes, and "social experiments" that people run. and the zoo, well that's just really an apartment with quite a few animals.