Thursday, September 28, 2006

Beer of the Night

In honor of Sara I'm going to start posting photos of beers that, as a female, I have known and, as a female, enjoyed.

Ironically, I drank a cider tonight.


Adam said...

Awesome label! I love the woodchuck.

How was the cider?

Ann Thrope said...

It was pretty good. I thought about leaving the bottle in my shower.

Actually, I was planning on buying beer but the woodchuck caught my eye and I couldn't resist the power of the woodchuck.

Monticore said...

I really enjoy woodchuck cider but my favorite is the strongbow

edluv said...

i'm curious, what does being a female have to do with it? is it because women aren't supposed to enjoy beer? or do women have different taste buds?

side question, do we add to sexism when we consistently draw attention to the sex of a person, especially when it seems superfluous to the point?

or, is like reclaiming a previously used slur for empowerment?

edluv said...

also, leaving the bottle in the shower makes me think of drinking in the shower. the idea of someone having a drink in the shower always seems comical to me. gotta have my morning beer while i get ready for work.

Adam said...

As I was told, it's in reference to the night we had sushi by CSUF and we went to the liquor store next door. Sara got harassed for liking the taste of beer because she was a woman.

Also, I take showers in the afternoon and evening, so the beer in the shower seems much more plausible.

timidvenus said...

beer makes me smile. good stuff.