Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mr. M.D.


What's that you say, you beautiful, beautiful man?

You'd like to be in my living room tonight?

At 8 pm? On Fox?




Adam said...

Hey, what did you think of last night's episode?

Ann Thrope said...

I'm suspicious of where they're going with this and whether or not it really happened.

Also, I hate House's new outfits.

Adam said...

And of course, the bangs.

Yeah, I'm wondering if he's gonna hit the Vicodin even harder and the season is going to be about an even more intense intervention.

Monticore said...

What is Dr. House's first name? How did he get hook on the Vics?

Ann Thrope said...

It's Gregory.

He had a clot in the leg and they didn't catch it for a while and a lot of the muscle tissue in the thigh died so he started taking vicodin to deal with the pain.