Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rabbit Pellets

I’ve been reading Updike.
Rabbit is Rich.
Sitting at gates D13 and C17 I find myself thinking “Yes. Yes!”
Amazing really.
That I identify so much with an overweight, middle-age car salesman in the 1980s
Could it be? Secret murmurings of the ever elusive “human condition” we’re always hearing about?
Ah no, I secretly always suspected that beneath my intellectual elitist snob student onionskins lurked the makings of a fat suburban schlub.

Here’s a fun fact: The Johns Hopkins University wants $30,000 from me in tuition.

My insistent questions about research and teaching assistanceships (see: how to pay your way through graduate school) all met with a shifty look and a pause from the admissions representative, academic coordinators, and financial aid representative.
Then, “well you could maybe get some work study awarded to you. And you know, there’s student loans.”
And then another pause.
And then, “and if that’s not enough, some students take out unsubsidized loans or you know…”
“get like a job or something.”

Fuck, I’m too depressed to write about it now.

To be continued okay?

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