Thursday, October 14, 2004


A friend remarked on my desk recently. Not on the actual piece of furniture but on what was to be found on it: A lap top computer. My pride and joy, coming up on 4 years. The first major purchase I made with money exclusively from my first job. A double gulp cup, the sticky remains of 64 ounces of Dr. Pepper coating the inside. A happy jaunt to visit my favorite 7-11 employee on a balmy Berkeley afternoon. Two cans of coke. Up at 2 a.m. researching the bush meat trade. A sheet of paper. Random words, file names, course ID numbers.
"Your desk looks like it belongs to a gamer"

Yes it's true, I don't date on Friday nights. My long term health project is type II diabetes. I blog. But please, lets not be insulting.

I apologize for the abbreviated quality of my blog entries of late but even without dating or sleeping my life does seem quite full at times.

To keep you entertained in the interim, a selected passage from the article Estrogen Receptor ERalpha and ERbeta Are Both Expressed in Human Ejaculated Spermatozoa: Evidence of Their Direct Interaction with Phosphatidylinositol-3-OH Kinase/Akt Pathway:
"Semen speciements from normozoospermic men were obtained by masturbation (approved by the University of Virginia Human Investigation Committee)..."

Comments on what exactly the University Human Investigation Committee is approving are welcome.

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