Saturday, August 28, 2004

Sexually Promiscuous Silverware

So I've been thinking about spooning.
The nature of my thoughts? Definitely reminiscent, perhaps wistful, Doubtfully prophetic.

Better then sex? I believe so, with the caveat that it must be done correctly.
Either semi-asleep or wide awake and conversing, spooning provides security in the form of full body contact. I'm also told it allows easy access to key points of the anatomy of the inner person, presumably female.

I have always been of the opinion that the climax of the spooning experience occurs when spooners stretch. The inner person nestles in the warm security of her partner and braces herself against her partner, her butt grinds into his crotch, her shoulders into his chest. The outer partner responds, stiffening his loosely curled body.. an aborted fetal position. Then they both breath out in a big sigh and allow their muscles to return to their previously flaccid state.

Oh the torrid affairs of cutlery.

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