Friday, August 27, 2004

All the cool kids are doing it

So it all started with my roommate who at the time, wasn't my roommate.
Except now she never updates her blog avantgardeandkitsch

And then there's "mutual guy friend G." He declared she needed both a deep dicking and more sex in her blog. So he staked his claim to a tight little piece of web real-estate known as avantgardewithsex (I promise that it is a cause and effect relationship though it may not seem so at first)

So I say enough! I have burgeoning feelings of animosity towards G (although perhaps not entirely blog related) and while I do find Mr. Spock to be an attractive man I can't say I've ever secretly harbored feelings for Dr. Spock.

So the truth must be told.


G said...

I strenuosly object to being referred to as "mutual guy friend G" and for being implicitly blamed for your feelings of animosity. I say air out the reasons, or shut up! By the way, i still like you, you just owe me 6/3.

Ann Thrope said...

My dear mutual guy friend G.,
My blog, my rules.
I strenuosly object to among other things: 5'6", fair haired belly-rub-slut, clever conversation, 6/3, 6/12 or any other fraction.

So blow me.