Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kids nowadays

My friend forwarded me an e-mail she received, regarding a class I am TAing this coming semester. It reads:


I got your name from Blank department web site. My son, Blankity Blank is a junior at Blank. He is registered for Blank 101 Lecture and LAB in the Fall 2009 semester.

Blankity would benefit from formal one-on-one tutoring for about 2 to 3 times a week. I was wondering if you would be available. If so, please let me know as soon as possible and what the fee would be. I am writing this email on Blankity's behalf as he is working long hours.


Mommy Blank (Blankity's mother)

I'm not sure which I find more ridiculous. The fact that she wrote the e-mail for him or the fact that she thinks he needs tutoring 2-3 times a week in any course, let alone Blank 101. If her kid does need the intense hand holding of tutoring 2-3 times a week perhaps he should reconsider an academic career of any sort.


edluv said...

the one thing that might work in blankety blank's favor is if he has an i.e.p. and if your college uses them. the juco i work at does, and so i do have to make some modifications for students. i don't know if we would give so much as 2-3 per week 1 on 1 tutoring, but still.

and that email is effin ricockulous coming from his mother.

auritus said...

Yeah found out later on (from his mom) he has a learning disability. Not sure my college provides tutoring but he definitely has permission to get extra time on tests etc.

The parents wanted to meet with me to discuss his condition before classes start, but I pawned them off on the prof.

Learning disability aside I feel they are doing their 20 year old son a disservice by involving themselves to such an extent.

From my perspective it seems that they (he and/or his parents) are using the learning disability to coddle him or he really can't handle this on his own in which case he needs to reconsider his educational plan. Given that my college is extremely expensive I assume his parents are expecting him to pursue some upper-middle class profession. But my new mantra is "not everybody should go to college, and that's okay!"

edluv said...

i agree on the disservice of their involvement. at some point you've got to grab hold of control of your life and education. that working long hours is bs.

and college isn't for everybody. i had a mentor prof get in trouble for telling a kid i knew that. and the prof was right.