Sunday, May 10, 2009


Had my annual physical yesterday. The NP I saw told me I have OCD tendencies because I pick at my skin. It actually makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it. I wash my hands often, as soon as I get home, after I tie my shoe laces, after touching any kind of animal. If I don't, I can't focus and I feel uncomfortable. I assumed it was just really good hygiene practices instilled at an early age by my parents but even my mom is baffled by some of my quirks, like having to shower before getting into bed every night. I also wonder if it explains the amount of water I drink.

Either way, I think it's an asset in my line of work, and my adviser also admits to a history of OCD tendencies.

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m.wise said...

will you have to do something about it, or is just knowing/realizing you have it enough? just wondering. oh, and can it get worse, or will you most likely stay at just washing often?
i'm happy that you're doing well. here's wishing you continued success.