Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new big girl shoes

My parents wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas, so I sent them my Amazon wish list and a link to the same type of converse that I have been wearing since I was in my mid-teens. My old pair of shoes had worn almost all the way through, so that I could push the inner lining out through the bottom if I wanted to.

I do almost all of my shopping on-line these days, because it's the future damn it. My mom is old fashion though, and she won't buy things on-line. So we shlepped through two malls trying to track down a pair of black, low top converse, size 6. The exact same shoes are on for exactly the same price and free shipping. Although I did not get a new pair of shoes out of the experience, it did renew my appreciation for, and on-line shopping in general.

So thank you, for allowing me to purchase my favorite sneakers and a pair of smoking hot heels without leaving the comfort of my home.


timidvenus said...

*green with envy*

auritus said...

Unless you wear a size 8 (I got the last pair) you should get thee to post haste.

I wore these babies to a party tonight and I'm pretty sure I was the best looking person there.