Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Letter

Dear Roommate,

If you have, by some unfortunate series of events, managed to live here for two months without figuring out how to work the dishwasher you should at least be too ashamed of this to bother me repeatedly with questions on how to work this most mundane of kitchen appliances.


P.S. Yes, I too am familiar with the "turn it off then back on" method of getting the cable to work. Yes, I already tried it. It's not working because Comcast sucks shit. Stop asking me if I've tried turning it off and then back on. I have.


Adam said...

I would think anyone in this day and age would know that Google would contain a plethora of links to all manner of people discussing the proper use and operation of a dishwasher.

Monticore said...

I love your open letters they are like thinly sliced deli-style sacrasm.

Demirep said...

Dear E,

In the tradition of open letters, here is mine:

Where have you gone? The blogosphere lacks your particular brand of "thinly sliced deli-style sarcasm."

You are missed.


Ann Thrope said...

Thanks Rachel. I just need to take some time off for various reasons. I might be back, I don't know.

My contact info is in my blogger profile so y'all can keep in touch.