Monday, August 18, 2008

Hooray consumerism!

I just bought this t-shirt. I'm very excited.

It's both clever and aesthetically pleasing. And it's too hot to wear right now, which gives me the added bonus of fantasizing about how in another two months it will be cool and crisp and I can wear 3/4 sleeves again.


Adam said...

So, is that Ringo in the back?

m.wise said...

is the picture supposed to be on the front or the back? i would assume front, but that dude is wearing it on the back.

Ann Thrope said...

No, it is in the front the model is just wearing a blank tshirt.

Cafepress allows people to set up an online shop with whatever design they want printed on Cafepress apparel. Since there are thousands of "shops" on Cafepress, the company models blank tshirts, since they can't realistically model every single design available.

m.wise said...

that makes sense. how is atlanta treating you, e?