Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What an asshole!

I mean, who does that?

That being the following:

Picture me driving home, pissed off, because a visiting ex-coworker blew me off for dinner after I made special arrangements to have dinner with him. And Adam calls, while I'm waiting to make a left turn at a small intersection in the back streets near my house.

"Hold on, I'm making a left turn" I said.

And not two seconds later, the middle aged man driving the car coming in the opposite direction put his hand up to his ear, to mimic a phone.

And then wagged his mother fucking finger at me.

I'm so pissed off right now I can't even think.


edluv said...

see, i do that sort of thing quite often, when i see some jackass talking on the phone and driving shitily. i do the hand phone and mouth hang up.

Ann Thrope said...

First of all, I wasn't driving shitty. Second of all, wagging your finger at someone it pretty much the most condescending thing a person can do, non-verbally. Third of all, people always complain about drivers talking on their cell phones but honestly the worst drivers I've seen are either (a) old and/or (b) overly aggressive.

Anonymous said...

or (c), let's be honest, on cell phones.

Ann Thrope said...

No, I've never seen somebody driving poorly and on their cell phone.

edluv said...

hey, i'm not saying you were driving poorly. i'm just saying that i tell people to hang up when they are driving poorly while talking on the phone.

now, my condescending finger waggle i save for other occasions, like when people pull in front of me when they should easily discern that i am driving much faster than them.

Ann Thrope said...

That's 'cause cutting people off like that is a dick move, yo.