Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Politics as usual

As I watch Obama give his speech in St. Louis I have to admit that I feel a little bit let down. Sure Obama's okay I guess, he has his faults. So does Clinton. I didn't vote in the primaries in part because I didn't have a compelling reason to choose one over the other.

But I feel tired from tensing up every time I hear some dude open his mouth about Clinton. What's he going to say this time? That's she a harpy? A bitch? A cunt who should just give up already? There are plenty of reasons not to support Clinton, but the fact that she is a strong and tenacious woman is certainly not one of them.

People have been saying since Iowa that she should bow out and stop wasting Obama's time and resources. Part of it is election fatigue, I understand, I feel it too sometimes. But every god damn inch that Hillary Clinton has won is an inch less that I hope our first female president won't have to fight for.

And I am in awe of the fight in that woman.


Adam said...

Yeah, I saw that one when I posted the other day.

I wanted to post a good Clinton one but there is so much hate on that site for her that it made it hard and that's why I picked the Obama one that I did because despite the intended hate for Clinton, it was still a decent caption and, I think, true for Obama.

I wish she had made it too.

edluv said...

so i was reading latimes.com this morning, came across some opinion pieces and thought of you. i'll put the initial link, as well as the three individual ones just in case something screwy happens.


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