Friday, April 04, 2008

Pop Kulture Korner

Why does this show suck me in? Why?!

It's an objectively bad show, and I don't even like the main actress. The two lead characters are basically a cut rate Mulder and Scully.

Once, the "bone experts" mistook a fetus skeleton.. for a frog skeleton! Who does that?!

And yet every time I start watching, I'm glued to the TV. And not in the "oh my god it's so bad I can't look away" train wreck kind of way. It's the visual equivalent of potato chips, except it doesn't give me a stomach ache so I have no way of resisting.

What the hell?


timidvenus said...



i almost want to tivo it when i am gonna miss it, but not quite.

Monticore said...

Hah mistaking, fetus skeleton.. for a frog skeleton! What a rookie mistake.

Adam said...

I also have the same issue. I don't try to watch the show, but when I happen to catch an episode, I have to watch it. I'm compelled.

Demirep said...

Fetus/frog, same difference...right? It isn't a coincidence that sperm look like tadpoles.

I just discovered "Dexter," it's become something of an obsession. I find myself planning my days and biding my time around and until I can watch another episode.

siquis said...

Totally agree. i'm watching it right now.