Thursday, January 31, 2008

I gave life...

I was the one of last person to be bled and the two technicians kept commenting on how slow I was bleeding.

Finally I filled the bag and one of the technicians took out the needle... but forgot to take off the cuff first and I bled through several pieces of gauze.

That's when the technicians realized that they had forgotten to take some vials of blood for testing.

So I agreed to be bled from my other arm.

By the time they were done, almost everything had been broken down and wheeled off. It was just me in my lounge chair and one table. They didn't even have any of the colored bandages to wrap up my elbows, they taped on the gauze with some clear tape.

But it's okay, I took some extra NutterButters in my coat pocket.


Adam said...

Mmmm...I haven't had NutterButters in ages. Yum.

edluv said...

that's a georgia perk. we don't get 'em here @ our stabbery.

you know, after you get your ink, you're not supposed to give for a year. i tend to not wait so long. it's one of the few lies i tell in life.